How dope is dopamine!? [Hint: very!]

How dope is dopamine!? [Hint: very!]

Dopamine is often  called the "feel-good" chemical, and for a good reason - it’s a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in the reward system of the brain. Dopamine plays a significant role in regulating movement, motivation, mood and pleasure.

Why is it dope?

Dopamine is absolutely crucial to the optimal functioning of the brain and body. Here’s why it’s just so important:

  • It regulates our mood

Dopamine is involved in the regulation of mood and emotions. Low levels of dopamine have been linked to anxiety and depression. 

  • It keeps us motivated and coming back for more

Dopamine plays a role in motivation, reward-based learning and decision-making. 

  • It keeps us coordinated

Dopamine is responsible for coordinating the nerve and muscle cells involved in movement.  

  • It keeps us sharp

Dopamine helps with cognitive functioning as it helps regulate attention, learning, memory and problem solving. 

Learning about brain chemicals and how they can affect us both positively and negatively can be the key ingredient to learning how to be happier and make life easier for yourself. 

Now that you know why dopamine is so damn dope, we can now look at ways that we can boost our dopamine levels. 

Here are some tips to hack your dopamine levels:

  • Get some zzzzzz’s 

    A good night's sleep goes a long way. Put your phone away at least an hour before bed (maybe wait till after you’ve read this article) and start a regular routine that sets your body up for a restful slumber. 


    • Get some lovin’ 

      Adult cuddles can help release dopamine in the brain - as long as they are with someone you fancy the heck out of. 

      • Get some tunes on

      Listening to music that you enjoy also works. So chuck on your fave tunes and give yourself a lovely little dopamine hit. We recommend the Britney Spears Megamix to really get you going, but you do you. 

      • Get movin’

      Regular physical activity works a treat. Even just a simple walk around the block can get those neurotransmitters firing! 

      • Get outside

      A walk outside in nature is a double whammy. It not only increases your dopamine levels, it also helps to reduce your  stress.

      • Be kind

      Acts of kindness to yourself and to others will give you that dopamine hit, especially when someone acknowledges your kindness. (why not send them an Unseasoned Greetings card? Hint hint!)

      • Get cookin’

      Eat foods that are rich in Tyrosine (don’t worry, we’re not sure how to pronounce that either!). Tyrosine is an amino acid that is necessary for dopamine production. You can find it in foods like chicken, turkey, eggs, almonds and yoghurt - meaning that there are options out there for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

      • Get still

      If this is not something that you’re used to, try a guided meditation through an app like Insight Timer or YouTube

      And there you have it, just a few little hacks to boost your levels of dopamine. 

      Once you have an understanding of the simple things that you can do to make your day to day life better, you’ll realise just how easy it can be to set yourself up for a dope life! 

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