Unseasoned Greetings creates heartfelt, playful and nostalgic greeting cards that help people to feel seen and able to express their identity and pride of place.

The cards are designed to help make someone's day and forge deeper connections with the people in our lives who matter the most.

Unseasoned Greetings has a variety of cards for a occasions and a special range of cards that celebrate South Australia.

Who is behind Unseasoned Greetings?

Jacqui and Joe are friends who met on the job in Adelaide. From day one, they clicked, aligning on humour, creative energy and just about everything else.

Often just joking around, they had countless business idea brainstorms, many of which made it no further than puns.

One day though, Jacqui brought up her time on maternity leave which occurred during a covid lockdown. This was a time where she had felt loneliness like never before, and was desperate to reach out to friends in a way that was a bit more special than a simple text message.

Many late night planning sessions later, Unseasoned Greetings was created — a way to address this loneliness by encouraging them to send a card to a friend 'just cos'.

Meet the team


Jacqui is that Type A personality. She always has to be busy. She always has at least 25 tabs open on her computer and possibly even more than that in her head. 

A self improvement and professional development junkie, she’s always looking to improve in both life and business. 

She is a mum of two boys (or three boys if you count the puppy!), is coffee obsessed, loves a good audio book and is never seen without a snack in hand.


Joe is the person you want in your corner. He wants to see you succeed and he always chooses to see the best in others and this usually makes them rise to the occasion. 

Joe is not afraid to be wrong and if he doesn’t know something he’ll own it and he will go out of his way to learn it. 

He’s kind and sensitive, although he’d truly hate for you to know just how sensitive he is. He’s the kind of guy that really cares and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and make an effort.

He has a passion for cityscape photography, orange popping candy, gin and bird watching (he’s a sucker for a duckling!)


Lovingly named by Jacqui's three-year-old son, Jason is our gorgeous hunk of printer. He's a Canon Pixma who sets the tone for the whole operation and never leaves us in a jam.


Dash is our brand mascot. ​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​He's empathetic, curious and kind. Although somewhat slow moving, he's always worth the wait. ​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​Dash has a thing or two to teach all of us about coming out of our shells.

  • Kindness is our currency

    Despite being a lil socially awkward, Jacqui and Joe are two kind and compassionate humans who just want to make a difference. Unseasoned Greetings is designed to be an easy way to connect with others to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

  • Small talk sucks

    We want to remove the obligation and the disingenuous nature of only acknowledging people on their birthdays, at Christmas time or at any other socially constructed event. 

  • Real, genuine connection

    We set out to change the way that people view connection. We want it to be easy and straightforward. We want to break through social norms and encourage people to always be kind and thoughtful wherever possible.

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How we do business

Kindness to all and the environment

Sustainability and the environment are important to us and we have spent a long time refining our cards and business model to ensure we are as sustainable as possible while not compromising on quality. We have chosen a cardstock and envelope that is 100% recyclable.

A no waste policy

Our print on demand business model ensures that there is no wastage. Once you pick the card you want and fill out the details, we will then print it on demand. This means we do not have any stock laying around and that we only create our products as and when they are needed.

Take the hassle out of making an effort

By having everything all in the one spot, it makes being thoughtful the easier thing to do. And psychology dictates that the easy thing to do is the repeated behaviour. If we can make kindness and thoughtfulness easy, it will be commonplace for all. Coz we all know the world could do with a little more kindness!

Fighting loneliness one card at a time...

50 cents from every card sale goes directly to ReachOut - helping to support the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians.

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