Introducing our multi packs

Introducing our multi packs

Hey there kind soul

To help make it even easier to be kind to the most important people in your life, we’re officially announcing the launch of our multi card packs. 

These are packs of 5 or 8 cards that we will send directly to you so you can choose to write in them as and when you please.

So why are we doing this? Well, long story short, you told us that you wanted them - and we totally get why. 

We’ve had several people approach us over the last six weeks saying that they love the Unseasoned Greetings cause, but they also like having a selection of cards ready to go in their top drawer ready to go for every occasion. These packs will enable you to feel prepared for anything that comes up, meaning that you’ll be able to write inside them right as the inspiration hits, and, most importantly, be there in person to see the faces of the important humans in your life when they open their Unseasoned Greetings cards. 

Here is everything you need to know about these new products: 

  • There are two types of multi-packs available. We offer both themed packs and ‘pick and mix’ packs. Pick and mix packs mean that you can create your own pack from any card on our website. 
  • They’re better value than ever before. We have been able to achieve lower postage costs and a more efficient print process for our multi packs and we are passing all of the savings onto you. Our five packs have launched at just $29.95 (less than $6 per card), while our eight packs are available now for just $41.95 - just $5.25 per card. 
  • 50 cents from every card in your pack is donated to a great cause. Each and every card included in these packs still includes a 50 cent donation to ReachOut Australia, to help support the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians. So this means that $2.50 will be donated from 5 card multi packs and $4.00 will be donated from 8 card multi packs.
  • These packs will still have a very strong focus on celebrating the everyday and acknowledging and supporting people who are close to you. 
  • The inside of all cards in the multi packs will be blank so you can write your own message on the inside.
  • They use the same super thick 350gsm fully recycled card stock as our individual cards.

And without further ado, here are our first ever multi packs:


Pick and mix packs

Pick and mix packs enable you to build your own custom card pack using any card on our website. They are available as both five and eight card packs, starting from just $29.95. 

Click here to view the 5 pack | Click here to view the 8 pack

The Flirty AF pack

Looking for a new way to spark some romance or have a cheeky flirt? Surprise your main squeeze/lover/crush/man friend/lady friend/love crumpet by sending them one of these cards every week for a month ;)

Click here to shop now

The moral support pack 

Get ready to be the supportive friend your nearest and dearest deserve with our moral support card pack! Whether they need a pick-me-up, a vote of confidence or a shoulder to cry on, these cards have got you covered.

Click here to shop now

The BFF pack

Let's be often do you actually tell your mates you love them? 

With our BFF Pack, you'll always have the perfect card on hand to acknowledge and appreciate your mates, whether it's just to say thanks for being there or to celebrate a special occasion.

Click here to shop now

The ray of sunshine pack

When we feel truly connected to each other, there's nothing quite like it. It fills us with contentment and joy, and we can't help but want to share that happiness with the people we love most. So why not brighten up their day with this pack of cheerful cards?

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The birthday pack

Get ready to be the ultimate birthday hero with our birthday card pack! No more last-minute panic buys, because with this pack in your card drawer, you'll always be prepared to make your loved ones feel special on their big day.

This pack of five cards will be delivered straight to your door, ready for your personal touch. Whether it's your bestie or your weirdo cousin, these cards are sure to bring a smile to their face.

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The blank canvas pack

Aptly named the 'blank canvas' pack,  these cards can be whatever you want them to be. With no text on the front, these 8 greeting cards are ready for you to customise and use for any occasion. Whether you're wishing someone a happy birthday, saying thank you, or just sending a friendly hello, our blank cards have got you covered.

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And if you have an idea for a pack you’d love to see on our website, we are very open to your suggestions. Simply leave us a comment on the bottom of this blog, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram or email

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