The Unseasoned Guide to picking the perfect Valentine’s Day card

The Unseasoned Guide to picking the perfect Valentine’s Day card

Love is in the air, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner! If you’re in Adelaide, why not add a touch of local flair to your expression of love? 

Welcome to our Unseasoned Guide to picking the perfect card for your lover. We’ve curated a collection of cards to help convey your love in the most uniquely South Australian way possible… you might even get Ade”laid”e ;) 

So, whether you're navigating the Southern Expressway of love or rekindling the spark at Windy Point lookout, we've got the perfect card for every Adelaide love story. 

For the long distance relationship
If you have to travel more than 20 minutes to see your lover, we’d classify this as a long distance relationship. Driving more than 20 minutes to see someone is the ultimate display of affection and many great love stories in Adelaide have started just like this. If you have to take South Road in your travels, you get extra kudos - we’ve even got a card for this.

I'd drive more than 20 mins to see you


For the star crossed lovers
You’re the modern day Romeo and Juilet (minus all the poison, death and violence..hopefully). You and your lover are from opposite sides of the track but you make it work. Whether you grew up in the North, South, East or West, love prevails! This Valentine’s Day let your lover know - I love you regardless of which school you went to.

I love you regardless of which school you went to

For the partnership that has built something solid
The basis of any strong relationship is mutual love and respect for one another. A partnership that goes both ways, much like the Southern Expressway (which can sometimes take yearssssss to build). A one way highway, much like a one sided relationship is no good for anyone. Tell someone that you’ve built something strong with - I love you Darling(ton)

I love you darling

For the classic partnership 
There are some couples that just make sense. People that were just made for each other. Tell your perfectly paired significant other that ‘We go together like Fritz and Sauce’. 

We go together like fritz and sauce

For those who want to reignite the spark
Sometimes love can become like stale bread or a vita-weat with nothing on it. If your partnership is starting to fall into this category, it’s time to add some spice. Give your partner a card that they are not expecting, tell them “I’d love to take you to the Windy Point lookout

I'd like to take you to the Windy Point lookout

For the grateful lover
We don’t thank each other enough for the gifts and blessings that we bring into each other’s lives. Life is better lived with a grateful (and satisfied!) heart. Tell your lover boy - “thanks for the Iron Knob

Thanks for the iron knob


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